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The 100 Million Dollar Club


    The 22 Shriner’s Hospitals for Children have provided lifesaving and life-changing medical care to more than 835,000 children---without cost to them or their families.


    The money to provide these services at 22 hospitals comes from many sources: community donations, fund raising events, investment income, and support from the Shriner’s of North America.


    As health costs increase, Shriner’s Hospitals needs your help, more than ever, to provide more specialized care, offer medical education and conduct more research. Too many people believe that if they cannot donate or leave a large sum of money, their gift will not count. Every contribution helps. In order to encourage donors to contribute to Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, the HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR CLUB was established in 1972.


    The club is named for its goal of adding 100 million dollars to the endowment fund through gifts or bequests of $100 or more.



How To Join


There are three ways to join the 100 Million Dollar Club:
1) Buy contributing $100 or more to Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.
2) By having your will include a bequest of $100 or more to Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.
3) By adding a provision to an existing will leaving $100 or more to Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.

Shriner’s, please send your contribution to your local Shrine Temple Recorder. 803 772 9380



What You Receive


    Each donor receives a handsome 100 Million Dollar certificate. By contributing $100, you can feel like a million, knowing that you have helped to ensure that Shriner’s Hospitals for Children will be able to continue helping children in the years to come.



Other Ways To Donate To Shrine Hospitals


    Bequests, Life Insurance Policies, Charitable Reminder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, IRA Charitable Rollovers, Pooled Income Funds and Real Estate donations.



For More Information 


Contact Jamil Shrine call 803 772-9380

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All members Receive $100 Million Club Vehicle Decal